About us

Produced in Kent is a trade organisation dedicated to supporting & promoting food, drink, products and services in Kent. We provide vital support to a diverse range of businesses which in turn provide valuable employment opportunities in Kent and are at the economic heart of our communities

our role

Produced in Kent is a not-for-profit organisation working with businesses of all shapes and sizes and our aim is to support and inspire them to achieve their goals.

We are here to raise the profile of Kentish food, drink and craft in Kent, the UK and overseas. We encourage consumers and businesses to source locally and to support their local economy and for visitors to see Kent as a top destination for foodies.

The Team

We are a dedicated team with a wide range of experience. We also draw on the expertise of our board, the membership and wider Kent connections to offer you advice and support.

We are enthusiastic about helping businesses achieve their potential and share a real passion and interest in all things Kentish. We love where we live and look forward to working with anyone who does too!

Meet the board

Stephen Clarke


Purchasing & Marketing Director, kff
A long term supporter of Produced in Kent who brings a wealth of commercial experience to the board

Julian Barnes

Managing Director,
Biddenden Vineyards
A member and an advocate for family and rural businesses

Paul Hannan

Principal, Hadlow College. Enthusiastic about education and the contribution the next generation can make to food and farming.

Seán Holden

Deputy Cabinet Member for Economic Development,
Kent County Council
A former political correspondent who is enthusiastic supporter of rural communities

Sian Holt

A small business owner, entrepreneur, IOD ambassador and a key member of Kent's specialty producer community.

Keith Morrison

Chairman of the Member Group. MD of a successful fourth generation family business with a strong commercial and marketing background.

William Opie

Executive Chairman
Bennett Opie Ltd
A founding member and keen supporter of enabling small businesses to grow

Richard Phillips

A Kent Restaurateur flying the flag for hospitality businesses

Patron of Produced in Kent

Amanda brings her passion for all things Kentish and champions the county wherever she goes. Produced in Kent is fortunate to have had her support for many years since she championed Kent producers during her year as High Sheriff of Kent. A passionate supporter of the producers, the landscape and business success, she leads by example and is a tireless campaigner for Kent.


Kent County Council and Hadlow College are the Members of Produced in Kent Limited.

In April 2008, Kent County Council entered into a joint-venture agreement with Produced in Kent and Hadlow College, a leading land-based college, to support the future development and activities of Produced in Kent.

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